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Immigration to Antigua and Barbuda


Antigua & Barbuda is an island-state that is an independent commonwealth located in the Eastern Caribbean. It consists of two main inhabited islands, as well as several smaller ones. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and later became the main British naval base from which its ships patrolled the West Indies.


Visa Free Travel to 131 countries
Worldwide income not taxed
Dual Citizenship recognized
Fast track application finished in 3 to 4 months


5 days stay in Antigua and Barbuda required in 5 year period
Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Somalia, Yemen not allowed


Antigua & Barbuda have a combined land mass of 170 sq. m. Antigua’s topography makes it ideal for the cultivation of crops such as tobacco, ginger and cotton. Its main industry, however, became sugar cane that lasted for two centuries. At present, its main industries are tourism and the related service industries, which makes up some 60% of the country’s income.

It is the largest English-speaking Leeward Island and is popular among tourists due to its famed white sand beaches and cerulean islands. Passport holders can freely travel to 131 countries without a visa, including Schengen Area countries, Canada and the UK. In addition, the country recognizes dual citizenship that is beneficial for investors who want to expand their businesses. Residents enjoy no estate or capital gains taxes, while citizens are not taxed on income earned outside the country. The maximum income tax rate is twenty-five percent.

Government: Federal monarchy, Parliamentary system
Capital: St. John’s
Dialing code: 268
Area: 443 km²
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Official language: English


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