Refund Policy

Refund in case of rejection: Services fees paid to Global Migration Services except US$2000 will be refunded in the
event of Client being informed by the Canadian Immigration Office that he does not qualify for migration to
Canada for reasons other than: Medical, Security, Misrepresentation, Insufficient information,
Insufficient funds, point lost on language or Misleading information, Point lost on education
because of non-accredited, unrecognized or false credential, Points lost on work experience
where in the case officer was not satisfied with the evidence furnished by the applicant,
non-submission of complete/required documents from clients side within stipulated time
changes introduced by the relevant Government office which may retroactively affect the client's
case, non-cooperation from client's or client's dependents side and any other violation of contractual
clause. If the reason of rejection Is any of the above, client will be liable to pay balance fee to GMS
with immediate effect. Refund application will be processed in 10 working days.

For complete information and all the relevant clauses kindly refer to the retainer agreement signed by
both the parties.