· The client hires Global Migration Services to prepare and present the client's immigration application on their behalf.

· The client authorizes Global Migration Services in its discretion to do the necessary and appropriate to represent the case.

· The client will supply all the information related to personal, financial or other matters as per the official requirements with regards to the client's immigration application.

· Client further agrees to co-operate with Global Migration Services with regards to information required for his/her family members.

· The client must submit  complete  documents,   completed   forms,  Government Fee and  PDCs (if applicable)  within  15 days of giving first  deposit (initial  Retainer Fees).

· 50% retainer fees of (contract value) covers the following services & client confirms these services are rendered at the  time   of  client's   registration   with  Global Migration Services  hence  is  not  refundable   in  any circumstances or situation.

     Professional advice and consultation

     Initial counseling to evaluate client's particulars against the qualifying criteria

     Advice regarding the application procedure

     Documentation advice

    Supply of Application Kit & Documents Checklist

· Any dispute arising between the two parties and can't be resolved mutually may be referred  to Dubai Court.


It is clients responsibility to update Global Migration Services in writing and get on acknowledgement about any change in the contact details.

The receipt must accompany original contract all the time.