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Welcome to Global Migration Services!

Welcome to Global Migration Services, the one-stop-shop with swift solutions for most of your migration needs. We have helped hundreds of individuals and families in Dubai and the UAE move permanently to popular immigration destinations such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Whether it is for business, personal, or professional reasons that you wish to settle in a new country, we are here to help with years of experience and a strong team of immigration professionals. Our services include Skilled immigration, Citizenship by investment, Business Immigration, Study Visa, and Temporary Resident Visa/Visit Visa. We deal in skilled migration to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Citizenship by Investment options for USA, UK, Canada, and a number of European and Caribbean countries. So, look no further and get in touch with us today to explore an immigration option that could work best for you.

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Immigration PR Benefits

Free Best Education

Free world class schools, colleges, universities and other institution funded by the government.

Free Best Health Care

Gateway to the state of the art world class health facilities provided by the Government.

Secure and Respectful Life

Enjoy all benefits equal to a citizen and positive global reputation as one of the world’s safest & most comfortable countries.

Unemployment & Old Age Benefits

Unemployment & older citizens can enjoy income support and access to a range of concessions from the Government.

Career Opportunities & Growing Economy

Excellent career opportunities with perfect match to your skills, in parallel with vast opportunities for business as well.

Visa Free Travel

Ease of visa free travel to 160+ countries including UK, Schengen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and many mores.

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The Largest Immigration Company in The Middle East Since 1997

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Business Migration
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  • Reliable organization that got the job done for me and my siblings. Guided us through the entire process. One recommendation, it would be very helpful to offer some sort of post landing service or guidance just to complete the entire process.

    Ali Faruqi
  • I used Global Migration Services after a recommendation from my sister’s family who successfully went through them to get the Canadian PR. I am glad I used their services because after a few months, I have also been approved for Canada’s PR (all this within one year). Excellent follow-up, the team is always available to answer questions, and everyone is knowledgeable and up-to-date with info.

    Neha Nayeem
  • Global Migration Services were flawless; they responded to all my queries, and ensured that I had all the requirements I needed before proceeding. Everything was done so quickly, I was surprised when I received news that my visa was stamped. They really are professionals. Thank you

    Phillip Rizq
  • Excellent services provided by Global Migration Services team. I have received my PR approval. Global Migration Service team are professional, supportive, and quick responsive

    Walid Mhanna
  • Excellent services provided by Premiers/Global Migration Services team. I and my Family have received Australian Permanent Residency. We chose you because of your very personalized service, rapport, and competency. I’m glad that I didn’t go to any other immigration company. Great Job Done.

    M. Kamil
  • Global Migration Services / GMS has been helping our family with immigration needs for over 5 years now, the team is so professional and cooperative, fees is very reasonable compare to other consultants. We highly recommend them for any kind of immigration services !

    Nouman M Kakakhel
  • The Service was good – follow ups were done time to time and each department was helpful and accommodating

    Anam Ameer Arabi
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